When Should You Upgrade Your Industrial Saw?

When Should You Upgrade Your Industrial Saw?

How do you know when it is the right time to upgrade your industrial saw? 


You know what they say – if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it! But what happens when you hold that sentiment for too long and end up leaving it too late? What can you be doing to prevent upgrading earlier than you need to? 


Today we’re going to be covering all you need to know about maintaining your saws, what their typical lifespan is and how to know when you should upgrade. It’s important for you to recognise when something needs upgrading or fixing, as to prevent additional costs later down the line! 


Saw life expectancy 

There is no specific lifespan for bandsaws and circular saws, it all depends on its usage and how you care for it. A high quality saw can expect to last you up to at least 10 years. 


When it comes to a saw’s life expectancy and when to upgrade, there are some factors that you just can’t control. But with the correct servicing and maintenance, you can expect to see them last! 


When to upgrade 

So how do you know when the right time to upgrade/replace is? There are some key signs to look out for, whether that’s when the blade needs replacing or the machine needs upgrading altogether: 

  • Machine operations start to become noisy, such as squeaky or unnatural loudness 
  • The blade becomes inconsistent in movement, operating at a varying speed 
  • Cracking and fracturing in the blades and/or machinery 


How to extend your saw’s life expectancy 

Ultimately, prevention is better than replacement! If you take care of your machinery, it will last. There are some safe practices for every use to prolong your saw and the need to upgrade, which include: 

  • Proper training for each machine 
  • Machine anchoring to prevent tipping 
  • Keeping safety guards in place when not in use 
  • Regular cleaning and servicing 
  • Do not cut oversize materials 


Similarly, at Anton Saws we endeavour to keep your machines running in the same condition they were when you bought them! 


We offer three-monthly, six-monthly and yearly service visits to suit your individual requirements, as well as repairs with no hidden call out charges! For more information on our servicing and repairs, please visit our website or do not hesitate to get in touch with an expert member of our team.

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