How to Optimise Your Output Using Industrial Saws

Have you ever considered an industrial saw for your business? How can it optimise your output?   Whilst many may benefit from the use of a saw in their production output, not all businesses recognise the convenience and advantages of using an industrial saw specifically.    Here at Anton Saws, we have a wide range … Read more

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Saws!

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions!   When it comes to industrial bandsaw and circular saws, if you’re not familiar with the industry then you may have a lot of questions.    Similarly, if you are in the industry and you still have a lot of questions, that’s not an issue either! As the number … Read more

How We Help Out Customers at Anton Saws

How can we help our customers at Anton Saws?    We’ve been proudly supplying MACC industrial circular saws and band saws to the UK industry since 1988, and have built up quite the customer base in doing so! As the UK’s only agent for MACC, we’re proud to offer their complete range of saws, as … Read more

Machines on Display at Our Showroom

What machines would you like to learn more about?    Here at our Andover showroom, we have quite a few Macc machines on display! We have a wealth of experience from years of sawing that we can share with our customers. So, depending on what materials you need to cut, we can provide you with … Read more

A Guide to the MACC Saws Range at Anton Saws

How much do you know about the MACC saws range that we sell here at Anton Saws?    Today we’re going to be sharing all there is you need to know! This includes how long we’ve been stocking them and what saws are available for you to purchase right here at Anton Saws.    For … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Saws

What do you know about industrial saws? What questions do you have? Welcome to our beginner’s guide!    There is more to this topic than just which machinery is needed to cut various materials. With increasing demand for these high quality machines, there is the need for more information and guidance, particularly if you’re looking … Read more

When Should You Upgrade Your Industrial Saw?

How do you know when it is the right time to upgrade your industrial saw?    You know what they say – if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it! But what happens when you hold that sentiment for too long and end up leaving it too late? What can you be doing to prevent … Read more

A Guide to Industrial Blades

Bandsaw and circular saw blades come in all different sizes, shapes and materials – it can be difficult to understand which industrial blades you require.    Whether you are looking for an industrial blade to deal with general cutting, or something more specialised and specific, we’re going to be covering the range of blades available … Read more

The Importance of Machine Coolant

Why is it so important to use machine coolant in your industrial sawing machines?    Bandsaws and circular saws are powerful cutting machines, generating high amounts of heat and friction during every use. They can quickly overheat without the proper coolant and operating conditions.    Today we’re going to be introducing some of the key … Read more

Red Beard’s Garage Now Using Macc Special 320 CSO

Have you heard of “Red Beard’s Garage?”    Alongside his crew, he is well known over on YouTube! They’re a group of family and friends who fabricate, customise and restore go-karts, mini bikes, golf carts and small engines whilst having quality family fun.    And Macc in association with Quantum Machinery recently supplied him with … Read more

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