TCT Circular Saw Blades

TCT Circular Saw Blades

(Tungsten Carbide Tipped)

Tooth Form

With either alternate top bevel ground (ATB) or Triple Chip ground (TCG) depending on the blade type, this often overlooked feature ensures best performance for each application.

Alternate Top Bevel Ground (ATB)

Our coarse tooth blades are all alternate top bevel ground, creating a sharp cutting point and edge for a better cut quality without chipping or splinters. Generally used for cutting natural timber, plywood, veneer or hardboard.

Triple Chip Ground (TCG)

Triple chip grind are found on our finer tooth blades. They combine a balanced cutting force, low tooth drag and free chip flow to eliminate chipping in brittle materials such as chip board and laminates. Used to achieve smooth cuts in hard materials such as MDF.

Negative angle Triple Chip blades are also used for cutting soft alloys i.e. Aluminium

Please call for friendly advice on correct blade and teeth for the material type and size that you are cutting – 01264 850 490

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