Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Saws!

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Saws!

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions!


When it comes to industrial bandsaw and circular saws, if you’re not familiar with the industry then you may have a lot of questions. 


Similarly, if you are in the industry and you still have a lot of questions, that’s not an issue either! As the number one saws and machinery provider in the UK, we’re here to share our wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as the experience we’ve gained whilst working in the machinery industry. 


Today we’re going to be covering all you need to know about bandsaws, circular saws, servicing, repairs and spare parts. We’ll be addressing some of the most frequently asked questions, but if there is one that is not answered below then do not hesitate to get in touch and ask. 


When it comes to the high powered machinery such as the ones we sell here at Anton Saws, no question is a silly one, especially not the frequently asked questions! 



What is a bandsaw? 

A bandsaw is a large, fixed machine, with a blade that has a continuous strip of teeth. These machines are generally semi-automatic or completely automatic, providing a great level of stability when operating. 


What is the most common use for a bandsaw? 

These can be used to cut a number of thick, solid metals, hollow sections, I-Beams, and bundle cutting, with a smooth finish and extreme precision. 


Is it worth getting a bandsaw? 

A bandsaw’s continuous operation is great if you’re looking to save your business time and labour, as automatic saws can be left to operate on their own, requiring less time and money overall. 


Circular saws 

What is an industrial circular saw? 

As the name suggests, these machines are made with a circular blade that has sharp teeth around the exterior. They are more adjustable, and can cut smaller pieces more accurately. 


Can a circular saw cut metal? 

A circular saw can cut metal, but they are designed for cutting hollow sections of steel and stainless steel, mostly. They are more limited for materials and capacity overall. 


Is a circular saw a good investment? 

At Anton Saws, the MACC New 300E is a manual metal cutting circular saw, and one of the most popular ones we sell. They are a great investment if you are cutting smaller pieces more accurately and tasks that require fine and smooth cuts. 



What is the most important part in saw maintenance? 

You should clean your machine after every use, as well as following the safe practices when operating to minimise risk of your own injury and damaging the saw. 


How often should you service a saw? 

Every business is different so each saw will be used uniquely. Depending on your individual requirements, we offer service visits every 3 months, 6 months or yearly. 


What preventative action can you take to look after your saw? 

There are telltale signs to help identify any issues before they become a more serious problem. Looking at the power source, moving parts, handles and blades can be key in seeking out problems before they arise into something less manageable. 


Blades and spare parts 

How long do saws last? 

There is no specific lifespan for bandsaws and circular saws, it all depends on its usage and how you care for it. A high quality saw can expect to last you up to at least 10 years. 


How often does a blade need sharpening? 

It depends on the usage. A saw blade can be resharpened 3 or 4 times, and then it may need replacing. 


Where do you get spare parts from? 

For any machines, not just MACC, we stock and can source all spare parts! 


Saw safety 

What PPE do you need to wear? 

You will always need safety glasses/goggles. Depending on the materials you will be cutting, you may need hearing protection (suitable for the noise you will be exposed to) or a dust mask. 


How to use an industrial saw safely? 

Some steps include: training on the proper use of the machine; machine anchoring to prevent movement or tipping; and keeping the safety guards in place when not using. 


What emergency stops are in place? 

The machines have emergency power shut-offs, and its key to keep these within reach when using. 


About Anton Saws 

What do Anton Saws offer? 

All things MACC saws related! This includes the entire MACC saw range of bandsaws and circular saws, as well as servicing, repairs and spare parts for the complete range. If you are in need of repairs or spare parts for any other machine brands, we can also accommodate this. 


Where is Anton Saws located? 

Anton Saws is based in Andover, Hampshire. Our full address is: 

Unit 1, Parnell Court, East Portway Industrial Estate, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3LX


Why choose Anton Saws? 

Not only do we stock the complete range of MACC saws and spare parts, but our dedication to our customers sets us apart from the rest. We’re committed to ensuring your saws and machinery remain in the condition they were when you bought them. We’re also proud of our day-to-day processes that play an important role in maintaining our customer loyalty, such as holding stock. 


So there is everything you need to know about saws, answering the internet’s most frequently asked questions! 


If you have a more specific question, such as one regarding a specific machine, or one that simply hasn’t been answered above, do not hesitate to get in touch! We will be more than happy to help in any way that we can.

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