Everything You Need To Know About Saw Servicing at Anton Saws

Everything You Need To Know About Saw Servicing at Anton Saws

Here at Anton Saws, not only do we offer a wide range of industrial bandsaws and circular saws, but we also offer the complete saw servicing and support for this machinery. 

Today we’re going to be taking you through the entire servicing process, and everything you need to know about servicing and maintenance. This includes what it consists of, the health and safety requirements behind servicing, and how we can help you here at Anton Saws. 

For more information on industrial saw servicing, keep on reading! 

Saw Servicing requirements 

At Anton Saws, we provide and carry out routine yearly inspections, to accommodate and adhere to health and safety regulations. 

Although yearly servicing is the requirement for industrial saws in the industry, you can choose a 6-monthly visit if that is better suited to your business’ individual requirements. 

The service process 

Servicing should be undertaken on a yearly basis, what does the process look like? If you’re looking to book in an industrial saw service, you can expect the following: 

  1. Phone or email us at Anton Saws 
  2. We will schedule a date and time 
  3. One of our engineers will travel to your premises – we can accommodate servicing across the UK 
  4. During the appointment, the engineer will complete the necessary safety checks, with a complete operation of the machine 
  5. If the machine needs any additional maintenance, we can accommodate for this 

Additional servicing information 

We can also do a complete systems check with a machine systems clean and biocure carried out. This consists of the following: 

  1. Extracting coolants out of the machine 
  2. Cleaning the entire system 
  3. Using a biocure to reduce any bacteria build up 
  4. Finally, replenishing with cutting fluid 

Saw Servicing at Anton Saws 

Our excellent service doesn’t stop once you’ve bought a machine with us. We’re committed to ensuring that your machinery remains in the same top condition as they were when you bought them.

We understand that regular servicing is essential to keeping your business running efficiently. If you’re looking for industrial saw servicing, be sure to book in with Anton Saws today!

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