Blades, Spare Parts and Consumables Available at Anton Saws

Blades, Spare Parts and Consumables Available at Anton Saws

Here at Anton Saws, we have a wide selection of blades, spare parts and consumables available, for the saws and machinery industry. 

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality sawing services, which includes keeping your machinery in the same top condition as the day you bought it from us. One of the ways we can ensure this is by offering blades, spare parts and consumables for a vast range of machinery. 

Today we’re going to be covering the extent of our blade, spare parts and consumables offering, and why you should come to Anton Saws for all your industrial sawing needs. 

What’s available? 

From bandsaw and circular saw blades, through to spare parts and consumables. We offer everything you need for your industrial saw, right here at Anton Saws. 

We hold a large stock of blades, all of which are competitively priced and of good quality. Some of these blades include: bandsaw blades; circular HSS saw blades; TCT circular blades; slitting saws; friction saws; and metal cutting TCT blades. These are just to name a few – but do not hesitate to get in touch for more information! 

We additionally sell a wide range of spare parts and consumables. Whatever you need for your industrial saw, we can accommodate a number of parts available on site. Even new machines will require new parts, so it’s important to know now where to get your stock from. 

Who can we sell to? 

We’re proud to cater to everyone in the industrial saw business. Whether you bought your MACC bandsaw or circular saw from us here at Anton Saws, or even elsewhere, we can help you with your blades, spare parts and consumables. 

What happens next? 

Are you looking for any blades, spare parts or consumables? The next steps are to either browse what is available on our website, or get in touch for more information. 

One of our experienced and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help you, and answer any questions. Alternatively, do not hesitate to visit our Andover showroom to view our machines and parts available in person!

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