The Importance of Regular Servicing and Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Today we’re going to be exploring the importance of regular servicing and maintenance in more detail, and the steps that can be taken to ensure this. 


Keeping your machinery running and operating smoothly is integral in keeping your business running and operating smoothly – it’s simple!


By ensuring that your saws are working at their peak performance, this prevents additional time being taken on repairs. Not only is that beneficial to the day-to-day running of your business, it also prevents safety hazards from arising. 


Identify problems before they become an issue

The first step in looking after your saws is being aware at all times. Detailed inspections are imperative – but they don’t have to be complex. Looking at the power source, moving parts, handles and blades can be key in seeking out problems before they arise into something less manageable. 


By seeking out these problems before they become an extensive issue, it helps to increase the longevity of your saws and keeps things moving smoothly.


Reduces repair costs 

Similar to the first point, by finding these problems before they have the chance to turn worse, it reduces repair costs. 


This might be obvious but key nonetheless, especially in a business. Fixing a smaller problem is much easier and cost effective than repairing a bigger one…


Increased machine reliability 

Regular maintenance means increased machine reliability. By keeping a record of the different parts that are services, areas to look out for and getting put through different tests ensures they are working at the best condition. 


Not only does it ensure that your machine is kept in the best condition, it keeps you safe. Without regular maintenance, it can become dangerous to use – ultimately holding up your business. 


How we can help at Anton Saws 

We’re committed to ensuring your saws and machinery remain in the same condition they were when you bought them. That means taking advantage of our servicing, spares and repairs


We offer three month, six month or yearly service visits to suit your individual needs and requirements. We additionally repair saws and machinery of ALL makes and models, and endeavour to get to breakdowns within 24 hours – with no hidden call out charges. 


We’re the number 1 saws and machinery provider in the UK for a reason!

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