Key Features of a Circular Saw

Key Features of a Circular Saw

The circular saw is a key piece of cutting equipment, with a wide variety of applications meeting a number of cutting requirements. 


Today we’re going to be discussing the key features of a circular saw. We’ll also discuss why it is an essential tool for you to invest in for your business. 


Here at Anton Saws we have a wide range of circular saws on display, stocking the extensive Macc range, as well as blades, spares and servicing solutions. With such a wide range of circular saws, it’s important to understand the features in order to be able to decide which is best for you! 


Definition and features 

Circular saws have circular blades with sharp teeth around the exterior. The most conventional type is a handheld model. However, mounted table saws are becoming more and more well-known within the industry. 


These types of saws are more adjustable, able to cut smaller pieces more accurately. Therefore, they are for ideal tasks that require long, fine and smooth cuts. They are also more energy efficient as the cutting motion is more continuous in comparison to other types of saws. 


Some of the key features to consider is the grip – it’s overall feel, balance and adjustments that can be made to better accommodate your grip. There are different components that are best suited for different materials, which is important to consider when looking to purchase a circular saw. For example, abrasive saws feature flatter blades designed for tougher materials, or metal saws which have bigger guards to protect the user. 


Why you need a circular saw 

In the right business, there is a constant need to be cutting things. Whether that is wood, metal, plastic or concrete, a saw is an unavoidable tool for certain businesses. 


The appeal of circular saws are their size and accessibility. As we established earlier, the most conventional circular saws are handheld, which gives the added advantage of portability. 


However, larger, industrial circular saws have numerous advantages too, providing a wider range of cutting speeds and materials. Additionally, they are more accurate than handheld saws, with a great capacity for cutting and running automatically too. 


Circular saws at Anton Saws 

At Anton Saws, we offer a wide range of circular saws with a wide range of automation levels and features. 


If you would like more information on any of the saws, do not hesitate to get in touch! An expert member of our team will always be more than happy to help!

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