Choosing the Right Saw for the Right Material

Choosing the Right Saw for the Right Material

There are many different aspects to consider when it comes to choosing an industrial saw for your business and the materials you often use. 


It’s important to note the different features that are available with the different saws, and how these features can affect different materials and can negatively impact the saw if used incorrectly. 


That’s why, today we are going to be providing a brief overview on how to choose the right saw! 


As a reminder, although we are going to be introducing some key points for choosing the right saw, we would always recommend getting an expert opinion where necessary – which is why our expert team is always on hand to help!  


When should you choose a band saw

As one of the most versatile pieces of cutting equipment, band saws are suitable for a range of materials. That’s why the main thing to note when choosing a band saw is to focus on what types of materials you want to be cutting. 


In order to choose the right saw, you will need to know what cutting height you will need, and the type of teeth for the material you want to cut. These are questions that we can help you with, but generally, band saws are great for a number of versatile materials, with a lower power consumption. 


When should you choose a circular saw

Circular saws are high capacity pieces of equipment that are generally more portable and compact, with advantages for tradesmen who are always in different locations! 


These saws allow for very precise, repetitive cutting at a high level of finishing, so if your priority is the quality of the cut over quantity, a circular saw is the best choice for your business. 


Key things to consider about both types: 

Different materials will also require different cutting speeds and specifications, which will also impact your decision. 


For example, if the speed is too fast, the machine can overheat, causing the saw to soften and dull the teeth quickly. On the other hand, if the speed is too slow, it will reduce the cutting rate and increase the tooth load, which will make tooth stripping more likely. So how are you going to make the right decision? 


As we prefaced earlier, if you are ever unsure about which saw to purchase, our expert team here at Anton Saws is always on hand to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch, or visit our showroom to view some of the machines in person and get a feel for what is best for you!

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